Abeldanes –
Today I shall address you at the end of a productive year for our great nation. It could be said that the beginning of 2019 spelled difficulties for us, but certainly and equally it could be said that 2019 ended in the opposite fashion. We have seen some of the older generation leave, some return, and a new generation of Abeldane citizen blossom during the year.
This year, two Reichsversammlungs passed a hugely record breaking tally of 49 pieces of legislation. These kinds of legislative activities are the defining factor of what makes Abelden great – I am certain, as I have said on many occasions, that no other micronation could come close to boasting of the level of legislative activity Abelden generates. The Empire has grown to include a new state, Tusmore, the first of its kind to be created through popular support. Other states, like Morgannwg and Demirelia, have received new leases of life and certainly look to become integral, active centers in the Empire. Furthermore, activity in Abelden has prospered much to the degree that we were only dreaming of at the end of 2018. With four active Federal parties, alongside six state level parties, no other nation could lay claim to being the political epicentre of micronationalism. This, however, is something the Abeldane Empire can boast.
It is true, that there have been some trials and tribulations this year. We can look back on events like the Behemoth affair, however, with great pride – because ultimately the Empire survived and continued to look towards the future. This, I cannot express enough, is something I am extremely proud of. Abelden cannot be broken, and the Empire has not faltered yet.
I would like to make special mention this year to our incumbent Vorsitzender – Edward Daniels. Mr. Daniels has shown himself to be a model citizen, one of true prestige and honour. His work this year has been integral to the success of Abelden has a whole, and he shall be remaindered as perhaps one of, if not the, most successful Vorsitzender’s in our long and storied history. I would further like to mention the abilities of Stephen Freayth, who continually has aided my Imperial affairs this year, as he does every year, and ensure that the Empire runs smoothly. Alongside them, I would like to thank my Consort, Sian, for keeping me sane and true this year during difficult times. These three, certainly, have helped to make the Abeldane Empire what it is today in what is no doubt a golden age.
I’d like to thank the last two Reichsversammlungs for their hard work in governing and legislating – in particular Nicholas Randouler, Connor Stumperth, Chase Nanatovitsch, Patrick Renwick and Zarel ‘Zedy’ Smith for putting in consistent and regular effort in attending the RVS. I would like to thank Austin Jaax for serving an admirable term as Leader of the Opposition. I am extremely proud of the way these Abeldanes have conducted themselves this year, certainly, they will be remembered too as extremely important to the success of Abelden as a whole.
Thank you all for giving your time and effort to our humble nation. I feel this year we have proven that the Abeldane Empire is a force to be reckoned, and that we should be remembered as one of the most successful micronations in history. Of this, I am certain.
Bless Abelden, and bless you all.
Signed –
His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty, Newton

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