Held on Saturday, 25 April 2020 in the Discord channel of the Reichsversammlung. Presided over by the Hon. James Frisch, Deputy Speaker.

Members in attendance (in order of presence):
Hon. James Frisch, Deputy Speaker
Hon. Edward Daniels
Hon. Nicholas Kaos

Hon. Andrew Irons 
Hon. Zarel Smith
Hon. Austin Jaax
Rt. Hon. Patrick Renwick
, Vorsitzender
Hon. Thomas Bainbridge

There was one bill presented to the Reichsversammlung during the day’s session.

Time period: 21:00 – 21:57 UTC
Presiding officer: Hon. James Frisch, Deputy Speaker

A quorum was established.

Ed Balls Day Act (by the Rt. Hon. Vorsitzender)
Aye: Daniels, Frisch, Kaos, Irons, Renwick, Jaax, Stumperth, Smith

Question to the Vorsitzender: Will there be an updated response Covid-19 pandemic?  (by the Hon. Daniels)

Question to the Vorsitzender: How and when will the government re-open the country?  (by the Hon. Bainbridge)

By unanimous consent

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