Held on Sunday, 13 September 2020 in the Discord channel of the Bundesrat. Presided over by the Hon. Thomas Bainbridge, and later by the Rt. Hon. James Frisch, President.

Members in attendance (in order of presence):
Thomas Bainbridge (Kaiserstadt; non-voting)
Hon. James Frisch
Hon. Patrick Renwick 
 Austin Jaax (Rai)

There were no bills presented to the Bundesrat during the day’s session.

Time period: 20:15 – 20:32 UTC
Presiding officer: Hon. Thomas Bainbridge

A quorum was established.

Election of the President of the Bundesrat
James Frisch: Frisch, Renwick, Jaax
Thomas Bainbridge:

Time period: 20:32 – 20:47 UTC
Presiding officer: Rt. Hon. James Frisch, President

Election of Austin Jaax as Deputy President of the Bundesrat
Aye: Renwick, Jaax, Frisch

Statements on Procedure (By the Rt. Hon. President)

By unanimous consent

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