Abelden, or formally known as the Abeldane Empire, is a micronation founded on the 6th of June 2014. Abelden’s claims spans over 6 continents and are located in several nations. The Empire is primarily based on the former German Empire, and has 5 states presently with all states having monarchical governments.

The Empire is a federal constitutional monarchy, with the Emperor being the head of state and primus inter pares, or first among equals, out of all the other monarchs, and the Vorsitzender the head of government. The Reichsversammlung is the unicameral legislature and is currently in its 10th. Abelden is known for its dramatic political arena and has been an influential micronation since its foundation back in 2014.

Newton von Uberquie is the reigning Emperor and King of Alenshka since 16 June 2018 and Sian von Uberquie is the reigning Empress and Queen of Alenshka since December 2018.