Abelden has a long history of diplomacy with other nations and its first ever relations established was with the Principality of Lomellina, now a part of the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia. Today, the Empire maintains a list of recognised nations and signs a treaty of mutual recognition with those nations. Some nations, on the other hand, have established full diplomatic relations with the Empire and is accorded with an embassy and an ambassador as such.

Under current legislation, the Empire has two types of relations with nations: mutual recognition and full relations. Mutual recognition is a sign of recognition between the Empire and the other nation and a treaty is signed to recognise the formality. Full relations, on the other hand, not only includes the aforementioned privileges but also are accredited to the Emperor directly and may sign alliances with the Empire.

We welcome nations to engage relations with the Empire and as such, interested parties may email us directly at abeldengovernment@gmail.com or fill out the form below and we will directly contact you with the information provided. Please note that such requests, either email or via the form below, may take 7 working days to process.