Following the federalisation of the Empire on 30 June 2016, the Empire established states or ascended nations to become states and had originally more than 12 states. The number varied from 2016 until 2017 and it wasn’t until late 2017 that the number was constant at 7. After the reforms of 2018, the states were reduced to five and currently stand at six.



Alenshka is the most senior state, being the permanent seat of the Imperial Monarchy, where its King, currently Newton, is the Emperor of Abelden. Alenshka has a long history and dates back before the establishment of Abelden. Originally an Empire, it was declared as an independent kingdom and was in a personal union with Abelden until the establishment of the Abeldane Commonwealth. It remained independent until the federalisation of Abelden and became a state of the Empire.

Alenshka is divided into four cantons: Eidgenossenberg, Preuvenieven, Warvoster, and Northershingham. Its capital cities are Pleston and Alexton, which both serves as the capitals of the Empire as well. The cantons are divided into cities and each cantons are located in a geographical location or country: Eidgenossenberg in the UAE, Preuvenieven in Oceania, Warvoster in the United States and Northershingham in the United Kingdom.

Alenshka is a constitutional monarchy, with the King being the Monarch. The Government of Alenshka is headed by the Prime Minister, presently held by Allen Paul since 30 June 2016. The General Council of Alenshka is the currently existing state legislature and is elected every year. It has two houses: The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. They are responsible for making laws in Alenshka.


Morgannwg is a state located in the United Kingdom and is one of the original founding states of Abelden. It is a constitutional monarchy and the reigning Queen of Morgannwg is Sian, who is also the Queen consort of Alenshka. Its history goes long back in 2012 and for most of the time, its King was Llewelyn Lawton, who is also Abelden’s longest-serving Vorsitzender. The culture of Morgannwg is primarily Welsh and its name originates from the original name of Wales.

The capital city of Morgannwg is Middleham


Demirelia is a state primarily located in Norway and is also one of the original founding states of Abelden. A constitutional monarchy, its reigning King is Patrick I, who also previously served as the Emperor of Demirelia before federalisation. Lise Næsheim-Renwick is the incumbent Statskansler, the head of government of Demirelia. Demirelia’s name was derived from the Latin word ‘demi’, which means half, and thus meaning half-land, a reference to the claims it had. Originally established by Stephen Freayth and Ned Greiner as a federal republic based on Switzerland’s government, it then became an Empire on October 2015.

Volkania is Demirelia’s capital and only city. It is the sole subdivision of the kingdom and component. Demirelia’s population mainly consists of the Demirelian Royal Family and some other citizens and many members of the Royal family take part in the government such as the Statskansler position and in the legislature. The Demirelian legislature is the unicameral Landsting, elected by party-list proportional representation for a 6 month term.

Kingdom of Tusmore

Tusmore is a State located primarily in the United States. It is the youngest Abeldane state, having been formed in October 2019. It is a constitutional monarchy, it’s reining monarch being King Nicholas I, who was previously Abeldane Emperor between March and June 2018. The Tusmorish government is headed by Connor Stumperth, as Premier, with the state’s legislature being the elected and unicameral Senate.


Alexander is a state primarily located in the United States. It is the among the last and original grand duchies of the Empire since federalisation. Established by former Grand Duke Michael I or Michael Brazeau for the purpose of creating a state, he became the first grand duke of Alexander. Its claims are located in Virginia, North Carolina (the home state of the present Grand Duke) and Illinois (the home state of the former Grand Duke).

It is a constitutional monarchy where the Grand Duke, currently Nicholas, who has reigned since March 2020 following Grand Duke Max’s deposition by the Emperor, is the head of state and the First Minister, currently vacant following the ascension of Nicholas Randouler to the grand ducal throne, is the head of government. Alexander has a legislature, the State Council, and is solely appointed by the Grand Duke. It is currently governed by its constitution although the Grand Duke still wields power over the Grand Duchy.


Rai is a state located in Argentina. It is the most recent existing state and joined the Empire on the first anniversary of the federalisation, 30 June 2017. It was established by Tarik Karjasary, who then became Grand Duke Tarik. Currently, it has no other claims other than in Argentina and it expanded its claims in 2019 and bordered the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona, where Karjasary is the King.

Its system of government is a constitutional monarchy. The head of government of Rai, who is called the Seneschal, is presently Alex White. The state does not have a legislature and relies on the Reichsversammlung for legislation and is the only state to not have a legislature of its own.