Abelden is a federal constitutional monarchy and its Monarchy, formally called the Crown, has an important place in the history and governance of the Empire. Not only is the Emperor/Empress a powerful figure, but he/she wields several powers and has the power to enact decrees.

Throughout Abelden’s history, it has had five reigning Monarchs, two of which have taken the throne more than twice. Emperor Stephen was the first Emperor and subsequently coronated on 6 June 2014 but abdicated on September 2014 in favour of Empress Rachel. She in turn abdicated in favour of Emperor Donald, whose reign lasted a few weeks, and abdicated afterwards on 25 December 2014 and Emperor Stephen became Emperor for the second time again. Following the 2015 crisis, he abdicated for the second time in favour again of Prince Donald and his reign became the shortest of all reigns. Emperor Stephen became Monarch again on 24 March 2015 and a period of stability in the Monarchy lasted for 3 years.

On 24 March 2018, exactly three years after his ascension to the throne, Stephen abdicated for the third and last time in favour of the Ervecysarich Nicholas. After a short tenure, he also abdicated in favour of Ervecysarich Newton and he has since remained the Emperor.


NEWTON von Uberquie, from the House of Uberquie, is the reigning Emperor of the Abeldane Empire and King of Alenshka since 15 June 2018. He succeeded to the throne after the abdication of his predecessor, Emperor Nicholas, and was the Ervecysarich and subsequently Prince Regent under his reign. He was acclaimed as Emperor, alongside his consort, Empress Sian, on 19 April 2019.

Before becoming a member of the Imperial family, the Emperor was involved in Abeldane politics and was the founder of Abeldane Social Ecology, the oldest existing party in the Empire. He was elected as Vorsitzender on the August 2017 elections but resigned suddenly not long after. He became Leader of the Opposition following the December 2017 elections and would remain as Opposition leader until his ascension as Ervecysarich.

The Emperor is notably known for his role in Mercia and was its First Minister and Deputy First Minister. He is also the Palatinate-Viceroy of Uberquiesenberg, his micronation. He is also a musician and a cartographer, holding the inaugural office of Minister of Homeland and Geographical Affairs and subsequently holding it again during his term as Prince Regent and then as Emperor.


SIAN von Uberquie, from the House of Uberquie, is the reigning Empress of the Abeldane Empire and Queen of Alenshka since 24 November 2018. She was made Empress consort by Emperor Newton via an Imperial decree. She and the Emperor were subsequently acclaimed in a ceremony on 19 April 2019.

She is the reigning Queen of Morgannwg since 7 January 2019, following Emperor Newton’s decree to replace King Anthony of Morgannwg. Prior to that, she had no experience in Abeldane politics. Currently, she is a Senator of Alenshka after being elected in 2019, representing Abeldane Social Ecology.

The Empress is interested in the works of art and currently works as an employee of the Ryksdrucherye, the Abeldane printing and designing works for its banknotes, as a designer.